Detox Programs

You are ready to cleanse if…

Weight Loss

You have stubborn weight that just won’t go away no matter what you’ve tried.


You don’t wake up refreshed and have ups and downs of energy throughout the day.  

Digestive Issues

Food doesn’t settle well and you suffer from gas, bloating, and reflux.


You have an autoimmune condition and you need to calm your immune system.

Detox Benefits

Our bodies are designed to naturally detox if we allow it to. But we need to reduce the toxic load by cleaning up our diet and our environment.

Results in 2 weeks!
Easy to follow plan
Improved energy & digestion
Weight loss & glowing Skin

What to Expect

Detox plan

During the two weeks of the program, you’ll eliminate certain foods that can contribute to an overactive immune system, inflammation and digestive issues. At the same time, you’ll be incorporating plenty of nutritious, healing foods to help support detoxification.

A reduction in toxins in your environment and your diet so you can detox and restore your gut health.

A structured plan that helps guide you through food choices and routines focused on your gut health.

Gut boosting support using therapeutic supplementation and consuming phytonutrients that feed your bacteria and improve your intestinal microbiome.

Chances to detox and support your organs of elimination do what they do naturally.

Community and resources that support your journey in every way.


Here are some common frequently asked questions. Please contact me with any additional questions or doubts.

What is a detox?

A detox is a set of actions designed to decrease or remove toxins and waste from your body. Your body does this naturally, every day by excreting things through bowel movements, sweating and urinating. However, many factors can weaken this normal function and hinder your body’s ability to eliminate these kinds of harmful substances. When your system becomes overloaded, toxins begin to buildup in the body and the result impacts overall health. Body detox and cleansing helps to release this burden.

Should I seek advice from my doctor before doing the detox?

Yes. If you are in the care of a doctor or have known medical issues, you should always seek advice from your doctor before starting any program. Even if you feel great, it doesn’t hurt to have another opinion as you make your decision. Explain that this detox eliminates common allergens and inflammatory foods, is based on fresh, seasonal whole foods, and does not require supplements. Your doctor will help you determine if this is right for you based on the current state of your health.

Can I exercise while doing the detox?

Exercise helps flush out toxins and helps release stored stress and tension. Exercise helps to promote positive thinking, boost your confidence and calms your mind; it also overall improves a sense of health and wellbeing. Break a sweat in a fun way every day but adjust if necessary.

What can I do if I don’t have time to cook?

There are many options to help with shortcuts in the kitchen. Look for premade salad mixes, seasonal soups with only whole food ingredients, pre-chopped fruit, vegetables, etc. Batch cooking helps many busy people eat healthier! If you need support in this area, reach out to me.

I have to feed my family, and I’m afraid they won’t like this food… what do I do?

protein, offer a little more fruit, make more protein balls or freeze dairy-free yogurt into probiotic-rich desserts. Smoothies are also often an easy win with kids. Start with simple ones like a handful of baby spinach, a cup of berries, a banana or other fruit for sweetness. Look at the recipes in the recipe guide as inspiration for ingredients. Reach out to me if you need support.

Ready to begin?

How to get started

Step 1

Submit a form if you have questions OR move to step 2 to sign up!


Step 2

Sign up and pay: choose to do it on your own or with a group.


Step 3

Get instant access.


Step 4

Begin the DIY version when ready or wait to begin with the current group.

I feel fantatsic and have lost 7 lbs in 9 days.  My energy is even and consistent throughout the day and my mind is sharp. All the physical training I do seems to be coming together and I’m seeing more results as I eat cleaner. I’ve learned what foods are not serving me. I don’t want to stop; I want this to be a lifestyle.

Healing is possible. Change is possible.

Start your practical, doable plan that works at your pace. Finally get lasting results with a sustainable approach.