Personalized Nutrition

bring change to your body

a personalized plan

If restoring your health was like building a home, we’d start with the ground and take into consideration the structure’s unique needs. Then, build up from there. In-depth personal discovery and testing help us uncover some causes of the symptoms you’re facing and guide us into planning the basic platform to build upon. Every person will have a unique ‘foundation’ and their body will have unique needs as its building blocks.

Discover the Root Causes

Determine the Personalized Goals

Develop the Plan

Dig into Lifestyle Changes

developing your plan

Key Components

There is an interconnectedness of different aspects of a person’s health. Health is not just the absence of disease, but a complex web of interactions between these different factors. These factors can include everything from genetics and lifestyle choices to environmental factors and emotional wellbeing. We take a ‘whole you’, holistic approach to determining your plan.

History and Genetics

Sleep and Recovery

Environmental Exposures and Toxins

Stress Management

Lifestyle Factors

Nutrient Deficiencies

Physical Activity


I am hoping to bring family back to the table for connection, fun and to enjoy good, healthy meals that are good for your body.

what to expect

what is included?

Working with Neda will include these important pillars that uncover the cause of your issues, guide the plan that fits your lifestyle and inform any tweaking and altering along the way.

Health Assessment

In-depth process to find any informative patterns that could point to a solution.

You Can Expect:

  • Filling out a questionairre
  • Specialized labs if necessary
  • Thorough analysis

Personalized Plan

Based on the discovery, we work together on your initial plan and steps.

You Can Expect:

  • Your goals and lifestyle are always in consideration.
  • Realistic action steps.
  • Resources like recipes and meal planning are included.

Support + Follow Up

Change happens best with support and accountability. We walk the path together.


  • Follow up appointments.
  • Access to a messaging portal for questions.
  • Resources to support.

Optional Testing

Testing (in addition to your doctor’s basic labs) helps us find out what is really happening in your body.


  • Beyond bloodwork, we might do saliva, urine, stool testing and others to aid in identifying causes.
  • Testing cost is not included in your package pricing.

Optional Supplementation

Most people are deficient in nutrients. Supplements can be a part of the plan if necessary.

You Can Expect:

  • Supplements are not included in your package cost.
  • Brand and dosage recommendations will be given if necessary.

Healing is possible. Change is possible.

Start your practical, doable plan that works at your pace. Finally get lasting results with a sustainable approach.

Neda helped me get to the root cause of my hormone imbalances by using the information from functional labs to create a therapeutic food plan with yummy foods while healing my body.